Sagittarius Horoscope

Jul 2, 2022… Energy could start out running on low for Sagittarians today. If even your reserves seem to be only fumes, that will be a sign that it is time to take care of your body. Getting yourself into a healthier routine might be the right path for you. Do you just need to incorporate a little break into what you’re already doing? Reboot! Sag can come up with amazing ideas that the average person couldn’t even begin to dream up, even when it comes to making the body feel better. So, be your own superhero today and get into a new groove.

Today’s Soul Advice: You are not an incomplete human. You are full, completely colored in, and all your dots are connected. As such, you don’t need someone to “complete” you. If you do find love, you’ll discover that they allow you to fulfill a different aspect of your being, but they don’t make you whole. That would imply you weren’t whole before them, and that’s not correct at all. You’re just a different version of yourself when you’re single versus when you’re in a relationship, and both versions of you are perfection.