Taurus Horoscope

Oct 6, 2022… Taureans could struggle at first to find motivation today. Even though the Taurus is usually driven naturally from within, you might feel like it is sizzling out. Leaning on someone you trust will help you accomplish your objectives today. Be honest when it feels like your get-up-and-go just got-up-and-went. Ask for a little motivational nudge, and push through it. No one around? Get into some inspirational reading, memes, videos, or whatever kind of thing can draw you and lift you up. Then you, dear Taurus, will fly!

Today’s Soul Advice: When things are going well, we may become paranoid at the “stroke of good luck” and begin waiting for the shoe to drop. Don’t let the good times pass you by because you’re stuck watching out for dark clouds to gather. Seize the goodness. If the other shoe does drop, you’ll be ready. For now, enjoy the sunshine.