Leo Horoscope

Jul 2, 2022… Leos could feel less stressed and have more energy than usual today. If you’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed, the energy will be just right to be able to get a jolt of new inspiration. The vibe will be fantastic to give you a boost so you can turn things around, and you are clearly at the wheel. How you choose to react to things can make all the difference in how you feel. If you choose happiness today, you can feel it all through your weekend, too.

Today’s Soul Advice: You are not an incomplete human. You are full, completely colored in, and all your dots are connected. As such, you don’t need someone to “complete” you. If you do find love, you’ll discover that they allow you to fulfill a different aspect of your being, but they don’t make you whole. That would imply you weren’t whole before them, and that’s not correct at all. You’re just a different version of yourself when you’re single versus when you’re in a relationship, and both versions of you are perfection.