Leo Horoscope

Sep 22, 2023… You will likely put extra time into thinking about changes you want to make today, Leo. What’s been on your mind lately? Whatever area is pushing you to make changes? The vibe is right today to move it from mind to action. You may also find that you could use a little help to make it happen. If your nurturing and powerful self-reliant Leo energy make it hard for you to accept help, choose someone who you trust to bring into your inner fold. Your energy for change added with their loving energy towards you, can bring about a new direction and also help you realize that love and connections can be great for soul growth.

Today’s Soul Advice: When the waves crash hard and you’re struggling to reach the shore, dive below the chaos swim beneath the tides. Sometimes you can’t fight the current, but you can carry yourself along until you’re able to find another way forward. Just keep swimming.