Aries Horoscope

Jan 26, 2022… Stresses of the day may take you to the edge, but you can keep from going over. Finding moments to take a step back and center yourself is important, especially if you’re having a busy or hectic day. Take moments alone for some deep breaths; get in a walk or some exercise if you can fit it in. Of course, there’s always pounding on a pillow when all else fails. No matter how you cope with days like today, just be sure to find a moment to let it out to refresh your soul.

Today’s Soul Advice: What people say in anger may seem like truth, but we must remember that the enraged are merely spouting out something that can rouse a reaction of pain, rather than how they truly feel. See their words as the poison daggers that they are — and do not be stabbed by them. Your health and happiness will appreciate it, and forgiveness to ease your heart will come far more easily.