Cancer Horoscope

Feb 24, 2024… The day could begin with more tension in the air than usual, Cancer, but you’ve got this. You may have the best of intentions, but it can be easier than usual for someone to take you the wrong way today. You obviously cannot always control how others will hear you from their perspective though. Instead of explaining yourself again and again to the point where you want to pop a gasket, try asking more questions and nail down those details. Even if you have an important point to get across, people don’t care as much about your words until they know how much you care. Your interest will be comforting — give it a try.

Today’s Soul Advice: You are who you need to be. You are not mediocre. You are not lesser than anyone else. You are enough. You are you, and you are incredible. If ever you feel the calling to be more than what you are, fearlessly chase after self-betterment. Change only because it is what you want out of life, not because of others.